5 Perfect Destinations To Visit During A Yachting Holiday In Croatia

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We are coming to end of the lovely summer L

Like everyone I like vacations, too. This summer I had travelled to Europe and had been one of the most beautiful countries, Croatia. Today, I wanna write about this awesome country that impresses me so much.

Croatia has strongly established itself as one of the top quality vacation destinations in Europe . Each year , a great number of tourists flock this Adriatic place to really enjoy its endless delights . Among its top sight-seeing opportunities include unique historical treasures , pristine nature , wild adventures , spectacular cuisines and exciting cultural festivals .

With my friends we decided to travel this country with a yacht J

Yeahh..babyy 😀

Let me tell you something If you have a yacht on holiday in Croatia, then you are one of most luckiest persons of the world in my opinion.

You will have so many choices to see among about 65 inhabited and 1,200 uninhabited islands.

However, if you desire to see and taste the best parts of this country, there are certain destinations you must have to visit. Thanks god with the help of the guys from y.achts.net I explored so many places of country before being there.

Here are the top 5 of my choices that you should absolutely see:

I love this city...

I love this city…


Dubronik, the other name is “the Pearl of the Adriatic”, take you back to medieval ages with its magnificent beauty.

You may see on many pictures and here is one of them on my blog, the city is surrounded with pristine blue waters endowed with colourful reefs; breath-taking white sand beaches complete with palm trees, and a picturesque undulating landscape.

The region itself is a medieval style treasure trove. It is certainly one of the most well protected ancient cities across the world. Its 500 year-old walls have the proud memory of never having been breached by an invading army. Inside, there are medieval monuments, cathedrals and unique architectural masterpieces.

There is also a pharmacy which has been giving out prescriptions about 700 years. You can explore all these treasures, in between relaxing on the beach along with beautiful White Sea, swimming in a perfect blue surface, scuba diving and enjoying other tourist delights in the Dubrovnik Riviera.


Alfred Hitchcock notably mentioned Zadar as having “the extremely gorgeous sunset in the world.” Anyone who has watched the wonderful sight of the sun positioning into the sea cannot help but agree. However, Zadar has actually more to offer. It is home two of the most unique artistic wonders in the world. The first is the Sea Organ. This is the only organ in the entire world which is actually performed by the sea. The second is Greeting to the Sun, a mixture of technology and art which takes solar energy and converts it into a gripping light show during the night time. Zadar is also home to 34 magnificent churches, lots of 15th Century palaces and a Roman Empire Forum, built in the 3rd Century by Caesar Augustus. The area is also surrounded by 3 national parks, 2 herbal reserves, and a sponsor of entertainment facilities. In fact the London Times described Zadar as “the entertainment center of the Adriatic.” Basically, you can not only visit the city’s various treasures, there are so many entertainments to keep you very pleased, delighted and refreshed.


This city is famous with its national park. Why? Because the man: Tito.

Josip Broz Tito was known as an ardent lover of animals who is ex-Yugoslav president. He was showered with gifts of different exotic animals when he built his summer residence in Brijuni. There are hundreds of animals you may not see before among these are the Asian Elephant, Waterbuck, Mountain Zebra, Ostrich, Nilgai Elephant, and many others. Tito also imported many other animals from Asia, South America, Africa and other parts of Europe. This unique collection of animals is now part of Brijuni National Park. The park also includes a bird sanctuary, aquatic life, and full of plant species, among them an olive tree which is over thousands years old.

Besides the flora and fauna, the Brijuni is also home to over 200 dinosaur footprints, 2nd Century Roman Villas, and a 15th Century cathedral built by the Knights Templar.


One of the most enjoyable islands is Pag which is better known as one of the top party destinations in Croatia. However, it specializes in one type of party – beach parties. Whouuuuuu!!!

This magnificent island is dotted end-to-end with delightful beaches. Pag’s beaches are renowned for pampering their visitors 24 hours a day.

All summer long, popular beaches like Aquarius, Kalypso and Papaya throw endless parties all day long. These parties feature pulsating music, open-air-barbecues, exciting contests, and lots of fun activities. At night, these parties turn into beach dance clubs. There are bonfires, groovy music, live performances and international DJs, and every once in a while, spectacular fireworks displays. Basically, if you fancy partying, then Pag will definitely delight you.


This island is in my opinion one of the most gorgeous place that is home to the iconic Zlatni Rat, better known as “the most photographed beach in Croatia.”

Believe or not, Zlatni Rat has a post-card perfect beauty: emerald-blue waters, white sands and elegant palm trees swaying in the wind. Many other things.

It is the perfect place to enjoy a calm relaxing time. But if you are old enough J What I choose was having fun with so many sportive activites. Yes, Rab is also the top destination for water sports enthusiasts in Croatia (some even say in Europe). It offers endless opportunities for windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, scuba diving and sea kayaking. Besides water sports, Rab is also one of the best places to savor Croatia’s sea delicacies to enjoy the taste of authentic Criatian cuisine.

In a nutshell I showed you five different destinations which are perfect for a yachting holiday in Croatia that you may do before dying. Each of these destinations is a popular stopover for cruise ships which tour the country. As such, they all have excellent marinas where you can dock your yacht and go exploring. They also have the standard tourist amenities such as restaurants, bars, cafes, luxury spas and hotels.

Basically, they have everything which guarantees you memorable a yachting holiday in Croatia.

If you have any questions, I will at library tomorrow ( I know 😀 ) . See you again…


Published:August 27, 2014


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