Pre workout supplements which one is the best for you?


We will talk about the role of best pre workout and boosters today. We will analyze the effectiveness and the rating of the best supplements.

The best pre-workout supplements

This review is not an advertising campaign. We do not work or are allies of manufacturers of top pre-workout supplements. As producers; similarly, we are not interested in the commercial growth of any brand in particular. This rating is based on the expert opinion of our.Betancourt Bullnox Androrush

  1. Betancourt Bullnox Androrush
  2. No-Xplode (BSN)
  3. C4 Extreme (Cellucor): You can read more review here C4 extreme review
  4. Assault (Muscle Pharm)
  5. 1.M.R (BPI)

What is the function of pre-workout drinks?

The pre-workout supplements have the function to increase performance during strength training. These supplements contain stimulants components and substances that increase blood flow in the muscles.


The effect of this sports complex is evidenced by the increase in the concentration and strength during training, and even helps reduce the time required for the body to recover the body breaks during each series.

Active Ingredients of them

The key ingredients of all pre workout supplement is classified as follows: increase the force components (betaine, beta-alanine, creatine), components to increase blood flow in muscles (arginine, citrulline pyctogenol, citrulline) and energy stimulators .

Undoubtedly, caffeine is the most popular ingredient to stimulate the body. In some cases, manufacturers can also add matt herbal extract, taurine and B vitamins (the most common are the vitamins B6 and B12).

Myths and mistakes

The most widespread myth is the belief of the people in that creatine itself is a pre-workout sports supplement, which is not correct; Creatine is an ingredient, however, is far from being the principal complement of these complexes.

Not to be confused with the complex pre-train with other sports supplements. The last should be consumed an hour before training to meet the demand of carbohydrates and proteins. However, pre-workout complex ingested 20 minutes before training.

How to use pre-workouts?

When talking about the effectiveness of these supplements, it is important to differentiate between true pre-workout complex and simplified imitations, which contain a large percentage of caffeine. Obviously imitations no role or have no benefit.

The true best pre-workout supplement ingredients significantly increase strength during training, which causes the blood flow to the muscles is increased, which in turn has a positive psychological effect that improves the results of operations.

Side effects and contraindications

It is not recommended to consume this kind of complexes 5-6 hours before bedtime, these supplements are made from energy components and large caffeine dose, ingredients that can remove sleep.

Side effects may be tingling or numbness of the skin produced by aniline, which has no risk or danger. The contraindications are related to the increase in blood pressure, excessive stimulation or allergy to any component. It’s important to avoid other sources of caffeine such as fat burners. BURN-XT Fat Burner is the best rated on Amazon and stackable with many pre-workout supplements.

Does the sale of pre-workout supplements is forbidden?

Medical associations of many countries have a negative view of the energy components of the pre-workout complex, which has banned the sale and import of many of these products. Unable to find brands such as Jack 3D and No-Xplode in Germany and Brazil.

It is very difficult to assess the risk that has consumed pre-workout supplements in healthy people, because in most cases requires large overdose to cause harm. Further, for example, in France for many years was forbidden to sell creatine, which is unjustified.

The pre-workout complex concentration increase during strength training, increase strength and increase blood flow in the muscles. These products should be consumed 20 minutes before training. Be wary of imitations because there are inefficient.



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