Flea Bites Treatment:How to get rid of them…Oh God…

Fleas cause discomfort for pets and people. A flea bite can cause intense irritation or itching in a person or animal very sensitive. More than half of dermatological conditions requiring relief veterinarian Flea result. For successful control is necessary to treat the house, yard and pets.

There are many ways in which you can treat flea bites. Once of the best and most easy ways to do this is with tea tree oil. This is relatively inexpensive and will quite significantly reduce any swelling from flea bites. The main thing to remember when you have a flea bite is not to scratch it, if you do scratch your bite it will become much more sore and will rapidly become prone to infection. Infections from bites if not treated correctly can become a serious problem. Once you have successfully treated your bites its then time to find the root cause of the problem.

If you have pets the first place to look is obviously their bedding, if you can’t see anything then it may be worth creating a flea trap and leave it overnight. If you go to you tube you can google “flea trap” and you will find many simple ways to set one of these up yourself.

If you do find fleas in your house then it’s a good idea to fumigate. Fumigation will get into every nook and cranny and flush out any fleas. These usually need to be set off in a room and left for between 2-3 hrs. When you are fumigating it’s also necessary to open all draws and cupboards as you want to make sure that they are destroyed from everywhere. Have a look here to get rid of fleas

 Important facts about fleas:

Older fleas (the itchy phase, which can be noticed while using bare eye) spend time in the animal, not the carpet. So the treating of pets in conjunction with its environment is essential to get rid of fleas in the house measure.

Adult fleas set eggs (up to 50 each day) in pets. However, the eggs fall off the animal soon, on the carpet, under furniture cushions and spend time wherever the animal. Householders need to concentration manage methods in these kinds of areas.

After emerge, flea eggs develop into small larvae that look like worms. Larvae remain hidden in the carpet fibres, under furniture cushions and in other protected places. The larvae feed mainly on feces (dried blood) of adult fleas eggs that accumulate in areas of domestic animals.

Prior to mature, the larvae transform into pupae within a silken cocoon. The pupae remain inside the cocoon for two to four weeks, sometimes more. The cocoon is resistant to insecticides. So are sometimes few adult fleas for an extended period, even if they have tried the house and pets.

 Treatment of the house

If space is not treated pets, leave spend more than ninety percent of the population of developing fleas, including eggs, larvae and pupae. If your pet spends time indoors, you should also treat the inside of the house. Before treatment, the pet owner must:

1. . Eliminate many gadgets, outfits, in addition to products saved dirt, beneath furniture in addition to in closets. This specific calculate is essential to make all areas available to be able to treatment method.

2. Remove all food and pet dishes. Cover fish tanks and disconnect aerators.

3. Washing, dry wash or destroy all bedding belonging to pets.

4. Vacuuming-this measure removes many of the eggs, larvae and pupae develop in the house. Vacuuming also stimulates immature sooner out of their cocoons which are resistant to pesticides fleas. The vacuum improves penetration of pesticides because the bases can reach the carpet fibres where the developing fleas live. Clean thoroughly, especially in areas where pets rest or sleep. Do not forget to vacuum along the edges of the room and under furniture, cushions, beds and carpets. After vacuuming, seal the vacuum bag in another garbage bag in a container outside the house.

Once you are happy that you have managed to clear fleas from your house it’s time to prevent them from spreading and coming back. At this point you will need to get your hands on some growth inhibitor that will stop any flea eggs from hatching and recreating the problem. If you look at human flea bites you can find complete kits that contain everything you need to remove pests from your home. It’s best to act sooner rather than later as the longer you leave it the harder it’s going to be to rid yourself and your house of those pesky bugs.



Published:July 24, 2014


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