RSVP Management For A Better Event

 What’s that R.S.V.P. on an invitation?

Today, in the virtual world in which we live, informal communications, Texts, Emails and Facebook have us all a little “loose” when you use the correct label.

For example, the ever present R.S.V.P. Invitations remains the ideal way to help any meeting planning guide, and to show consideration and respect for the host.

These words are an abbreviation of the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît” which in Portuguese means ” Por favor, responda ” (In English: Please Respond). .But shortly I describe it:

RSVP stands for Respect, Self-Expression, Values and Play.

Sadly, I know as time after time people ignore RSVP and by this time you are planning a meeting (cup of coffee, dinner, wedding, bridal shower, etc.) order. Ohh, really no. I really struggle to understand this habit, because it is a very important to estimate cost and effort to serve the guests fact: food, drinks, souvenirs, tables, etc..


My theories about forgetting RSVP

One is that many times the person just does not know what these letters and the importance to the person who is planning the event.

Two, the guest does not give the importance and ignores the label in these cases, which is mandatory for the above reasons ..

Three, the person that is invited is losing memory and honestly forgot!

Imagine this situation: you are invited to a meeting / party, and ask you to please confirm your attendance (via text, email, call, card).

You do not do – for X reason. You show the most arranged the party and the hostess tells you: “Ahhhh what a shame Rachel, but as you confirmed me never, I have not put on the table for you … sorry ….” ufffff !

Always think of others, the effort involved in making a dinner meeting, party, wedding, etc … and I know a lady. A call confirming your attendance will make everything easier for that person who was so nice to think of you and invite. And if after confirming it you cannot attend, let him know as soon as possible!

How to write a formal RSVP to an invitation

When you receive an invitation to an event, you should know how to write a formal RSVP to an invitation. RSVP basically means please respond. No answer would be considered rude, as his host took the time to send them an invitation.

Do not think that is not important to learn how to write a formal RSVP to an invitation . Your host needs your answer, because they will have to count the number of people coming. To learn how to write a response, read on!

1) Keep it short.

It does not take a professional to learn how to write a formal RSVP to an invitation writer. The rules are very simple. First, keep it short. After all, you only need to confirm whether to attend or not. Do not write anything more, as your host probably has more than a hundred RSVPs to solve.

2) Follow the instructions.

Some invitations come with instructions on how to submit your RSVP. Others prefer to e-mail. Sometimes, the instructions also come with a specific date when you can respond. If no indication, try to answer as soon as possible.


3) Follow this format.

The general format of how to write a formal RSVP invitation is something like this:

“Mr. and Mrs. Santiago accept with pleasure the kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Reseal for Saturday, November 12.”

If you cannot attend, simply replace “accepts with pleasure” with “regret that they are unable to accept.” Try to reflect the original design of the invitation (words generally focus) and use plain white paper. If you truly want to be formal, you can reply with a handwritten letter.

Although they do not teach you how to write a formal letter of invitation to RSVP, it is very easy to understand. Just respect the way they have been given the invitation, learn to follow directions and be as formal as possible.


Published:June 3, 2014


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