Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients 2018

Essential minerals, vitamins that naturally boost testosterone

The types of food you eat that have monounsaturated and saturated fats are essential if you are a male who is looking to maintain or increase testosterone levels. But there are a number of other essential minerals and amino acids that will help naturally boost those testosterone levels too.


There is still a lot of research being done, but fenugreek – most notably the recently produced extract called Testofen – have been found to help support increased testosterone levels, growing muscle and more of a sexual drive in men who have taken it.


Known as one of the essential minerals for a daily diet, many people do find that a deficiency of zinc can actually be a cause for the effects of lower testosterone. This can affect both men and women equally. But it can actually help support more production of testosterone in men.

D-aspartic acid

This amino acid is easily found in the neuroendocrine fibers and is scientifically proven to be a main reasons for the increasing or decreasing hormone levels in men, which ultimately affects testosterone levels.

Diindolymethane (DIM)

This is one of the major components for indole-3-carbinol and comes from digesting vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower that helps provide a healthy amount of estrogen in men, as well as the proper amount of testosterone, in lesser amounts so that it can be developed naturally in the bodies for more balance in one’s hormones.

Vitamin D

This is one of the most important ways to naturally increase your testosterone and it can be done a lot easier through some dietary changes. Foods that are high in Vitamin D include nuts, milk, egg, fish and meat.


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