The best post workout ingredients for muscle growth

The best post workout ingredients for muscle growth

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The best post workout supplement for muscle growth includes ingredients for muscle growth are going to focus on protein synthesis. This way your post workout calories are used effectively and damage to existing muscle fiber is prevented.


One of the key BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), leucine is unique in that it is not a byproduct of an internal process of synthesis but is consumed through digestion of external items that have it as an element. It enhances protein synthesis for muscle growth. Leucine is one of the best post workout ingredients for muscle growth because it lets you maximize your calories for recovery.


Glutamine does a lot for the muscle when it comes for growth, but it is often used incorrectly. It does have a huge component to it that promotes protein synthesis and providing, so many people think it should be a part of the pre workout stack. The best post workout ingredients for muscle growth always list it as an after supplement because glutamine also works to increase ammonia transfer and to balance acid in the kidneys, while promoting energy and protein synthesis. This is what your body needs after the workout to effectively recover.


Creatine is a non-essential nutrient that created by the body out of the metabolism of certain key amino acids. The use of creatine as a supplement helps to provide additional fuel to muscles through increasing ATP levels, and it helps muscle fiber to retain fluid so that more protein synthesis can occur. It also aids in muscle recovery, which is why it is often recommended as a pre and post stack ingredient.


Betaine is the secret wonder of the post workout stack. It is an amino acid that promotes protein synthesis. This is what you need in 2 gram doses after your workout to make sure that your calories are getting converted correctly. There are more and more studies being done on this amino acid as it is showing remarkable gifts in promoting recovery and mass in athletes.

When should you take it?

The best post workout ingredients for muscle growth are reviewed in depth on, they’re only going to work for you if you take them effectively. It is recommended that you take them 40 minutes before you eat your post workout meal. You can even opt to split the stack to take once with the first post meal, and again 40 minutes before your evening fuel. This will make sure that you have sustained protein synthesis occurring too.

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