Which Samsung S5 cases are my favorite and why?

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I wanna give some tips about Samsung and Samsung s5 cases.
After several reviews and ideas about smartphone cases a year ago Samsung now announces a new generation of its Galaxy range of the “S5”.The industrial design of the Samsung S5 is an evolution of the previous generation. Overall, the framework and the design are quite similar. Of course, the new Galaxy S5 is visibly larger than his brother S4. The S5 looks more rectangular, plus it is longer and wider. Any user of Galaxy S4 will feel at home at the time of using the S5.
These days many of us typically work with smartphones which can be generally high priced and are also extremely sensitive. So these cell phones should be handled with satisfaction. To shield these phones from dust and scratches we have to protect it with a cover, and my favourite covers are wallet types. These types of wallet covers safeguard the phones from accidental breakage and varying weather conditions like rains or splashes.
It will appear the same time matching cover & all kinds of bags available for purchase. We compare and find in this article is a perfect case for your use. Here you will find a wide range of wallet cases and skins for all Samsung models, including the new Samsung s5. When choosing the right protection case you should consider in advance how much you use your Samsung s5 in everyday life.

Important things about wallet covers

The modern series covers not only protect your lovely cell phones, but also provide a style quotient. These covers can be found in different charming shades that always entice folks. These types of cases can be obtained in different price ranges based on the product quality and effectiveness. Thus an end consumer can find a new cover within their spending budget as well as his/her smart phone with style that. Here’s a some reviews that I found them that are the best wallet covers of Samsung S5 I guess you love them too.

Reviews on Galaxy S5 Wallet Covers

There are many types of cases that you can easily find for Samsung Galaxy S5 on the internet and online shopping websites.

Reviews on few of the covers are below.

1. Leather Wallet Flip case for Galaxy S5 by IZENGATE

IZENGATE has established itself in the market for a long time and is perceived by buyers as a serious business brand. Not only is the very high quality of the products, but especially the smart business look very popular.
Leather Wallet Flip case is the most popular S5 Case by IZENGATE. This high-quality Samsung Galaxy S5 genuine leather sheath grade leather in combination with an internal Hard Case protects your S5 optimally against dirt and scratches. All buttons of your Samsung are directly accessible at any time and also the camera and flash are not affected. You can listen to music through your earphones in a closed case. Corresponding slots were specially cut out in the case.

samsung s5 cases

2. Wallet Leather Cover designed by SUPCASE

The “hard cases” is your future Galaxy S5 to protect it from damages of any kind, the easiest and cheapest option. As an inexpensive example we take the S5 shell of a proven manufacturer, which is available for a reasonable price on Amazon. Positive effect makes itself at this specimen the stable and firmly seated Case due to pure silicone content. Through a large grip factor your smartphone is thereby also better in the hand. By default, as in this “Samsung Galaxy S5 envelope”, a neutral smell is to be expected with a good cover also, which is not always smell it in this price category. Of course, all functions (like the camera) and all ports are still easily accessible. The black case is the smartphone fits accurately and protects it from scratches, bumps and other external influences for your everyday life.

Wallet Leather Cover designed by SUPCASE points:
+ Is much stronger and thus firmly seated Case than with pure silicone
+ Nevertheless an enormous grip by further existing silicone content
+ The Galaxy S5 sleeve is thus significantly better in the hand
+ All cut-outs are available and thus all connections are good and freely accessible

3. Folio Wallet Cover

A more elegant version of a simple protective cover is a Folio wallet cover in the noblest case made of real leather. This protection affects the carrying and ease of use in any way. Especially because the “Galaxy S5 leather bag” in our example, no complicated loop or belt clip adduced. Often such closure methods are annoying, are quickly worn (fringes) and not really sure. Who is therefore already had the benefit of a magnetic closure, will not want to miss this. Opening and closing falls easy, fast and pleasant without any loss in terms of safety. A folio wallet protects the S5 from all sides (including the screen!) and provides a firm grip. Of course, all features and ports are easily accessible. An additional factor, the value of lifetime of the pocket, the accurate seam joining the fabrics. Often, namely cheap glue used which replace quickly after of intensive Folio.

Folio Wallet Cover Skin Samsung Galaxy S5 points:

  • Galaxy S5 leather bag in Flipstyle with magnetic closure
  • Lined soft. The plastic shell the Samsung Galaxy S5 has perfect grip
  • All connections on the Samsung Galaxy S5 remain free accessible
  • Color: black with soft lining on the side of the display
  • This Galaxy S5 leather is completely sewn and not glued

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Published:June 6, 2014


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